Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly

our range of services

Inter-connection technologies / complete assembly (out of the box) SMT, THT (RoHS compliant / Leaded (Pb) based)
DFM analyses Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
PCB handling of standard sizes x-large & special customized formats Up to 510 x 460mm and forms in a wide range of variants and high complexity in component mix
Specifically processing of flex – and rigid-flex PCB assemblies
Assembly on all PCB types & surface finishes Single/multilayer/HDI | copper core | aluminium core | flexible | rigid-flexible PCBs, solder-able surfaces including: HAL, chem. Ni/Au, galv. Ni/Au, chem. Sn, chem. Ag, OSP (Not exclusively)
Component outlines Passives 1206 – Melf – 0201 - 01005
Actives such as QFP – QFN – PBGA – BGA - µBGA – CSP – FC
Interconnection technologies Vapour phase soldering – wave soldering – selective wave soldering – reflow soldering under N2– SMD / THT manual soldering – press-fit technology – mechanical assembly
Additional surface protection / Out of the Box assembly Conformal coating – casting technology; Pre- and final-assembly of modules and complete systems including SW flashing & testing
Labelling / marking of circuit boards 100% traceability of assemblies

100% Material and process traceability

Does your development department need the first functional models as quickly as possible ?

Do you need to deliver a series of assemblies urgently?

We produce development samples, prototypes and series in the express service and as rush orders.

Express service / rush orders
For express production, you can choose between 1 and 4 working days for development samples or prototypes, according to your requirements. Standard delivery times with no surcharges are between 5 and 10 working days.
Series production
For express production of series, we offer you a delivery time from 3 working . days depending on technology and batch size. For series, standard delivery times with no surcharges are generally 10 – 20 working days.

We will show deadline surcharges for you in a binding offer. Prompt provision of the data and electronic components is required for an express production order.

Protective coating and sealing

Why protect ? To protect against moisture, oils, impurities, dust particles and other damages To increase the quality, reliability and service life of the assemblies Prevention from functional failures and long-term corrision UV resistance Particularly in the use of modules in exterior
Protective coating Fully automated painting Is applied by spraying on the entire printed circuit board or selectively Pattern paint / Prototypes
Potting Sealing of enclosures Protection against unwanted access Shelter from shocks and mechanical damages
We use standard grout and paints Lackwerke Peters GmbH, especially type ELPEGUARD SL 1301 and 1307. Depending on the customer's requirement of course, other coatings and potting compounds can be used. We coat or shedding your assemblies to your specifications

Do you need help with the repair, modification or patching of your assemblies ? We offer you :

Repair Replacement of active and passive SMD and THT components such as R - C - L - QFP - QFN - PBGA - BGA - µBGA - CSP - FC - etc. The repair of your assemblies is performed with rework systems.
Modifications We modify assemblies to specification. Our experienced staff also tackle fiddly tasks with the most complex patch solutions.
The replacement of fine-pitch components, BGAs, CSPs and flip chip components is performed in accordance with qualified processes.

Inspection & Testing

Stand alone reliability through certified quality.

Optical inspection modes Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), EFA (golden Sample comparison) & 100% visual inspection according IPC 610 actual version
Electronic testing procedures Functional test, in circuit | safety test, high voltage test, insulation test, burn-in test, flying probe (external), EMC check and climate test
Customer-specific tests, development of test strategy & implementation of test equipment Customized in-line testing, as well as a standalone test solution | testing of software applications
X-ray analysis of e.g. BGA assemblies, X-ray analysis of components 2D + 3D x-ray inspection, Falsified BT, plagiarism, rejects
Hardware Integration according to your requirements, Device assembly, Functional tests, high voltage tests and Run-in tests, Preassembly of cables, cable sets and cable harnesses, Construction of control cabinets, Development of customised system configurations
Repair, Putting into service (on side), Modification, Preventive maintenance, Field Service
Reliability check Electronic assemblies externally by Fraunhofer IZM

Smart supply chain management

Material procurement We are happy to undertake partial or complete material procurement (electronic components, circuit boards and mech. components) for you. We offer you alternative solutions and check component availability.
Price management We identify the optimum purchase prices for our customers and use the latest ERP software for pricing using WEB-Gate. We constantly update and maintain the prices and delivery times in our ERP system.
Purchase marketing Market monitoring with current price trends for electronic components forms the basis for economical purchasing.
Purchasing We guarantee adherence to the specifications of our customers. We undertake the acquisition of the goods according to your requirements through our ERP system.
Storage We store customer material free of charge. Our warehouse stocks the majority of passive electronic components, such as R, C… in SMD forms 1206, 0805, 0603, 0402 and 0201.
Supplier management We train suitable suppliers and perform a detailed annual appraisal of all suppliers.

Outsourcing electronics development
Use our experience in the area of development.

Ideas and concepts to be implemented from electronics development for prototypes and series require the experience of the EMS service provider. With design for manufacturing (DFM), the EMS provider should be involved at an early stage.
Development service in the area of hard and software Our range of services includes the development of electronic hardware and firmware, mechanical elements and modules as well as system integration.
Design advice and DFM analysis With consistent design for manufacturing (DfM), design for testability (DfT) and design for cost (DfC), we achieve optimum conditions, so even prototypes are designed to series quality and unnecessary costs are avoided.
CAD service We offer you services in the area of the design, unscrambling and layout of PCBs. Our
Design Do you need help with design? Contact the specialists